Our Work

Our Work

Our primary focus has been supporting poor children’s education in India. Since 2015 we have helped hundreds of poor children in India with their education and healthcare.


We support hundreds of girl students in rural Karnataka (mahalingapura, bagalkote district) to complete their college education. Since 2015 we have worked with help-a-child (helpachild.in) program to identify and sponsor college education for the talented but economically poor girl students.

Samveda & Ankura – Learning disabled institute

We support more than seventy five kids at Samveda, Davanagere with financial assistance and a learning center for cognitive skills development. Our supported lab at Samveda provides cognitive skills development for learning disabled.

Kaliyuva Mane – A special school for children out of school

We helped to install a 1000 liter solar water heater for the school so that the children on the campus at kaliyuva mane have a better life. Kaliyuva Mane provide support to children who are out of the current school system because of life circumstances.

Samarthanam & Gnaanadeepa – Home for the Blind children

We provided financial assistance to these blind schools to take care of children with disability. We are supporting blind children education and other expenses so that they learn skills and be independent in life.

Our Projects

Samarthanam & Gnanadeepa

Hope for the Blind! [...]


Help for the Learning [...]

Kaliyuva Mane

School for out-of-school kids! [...]


Program to empower girl [...]






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